Stokewood Lesiure Centre ImageLow Energy Lighting for  Historic Bournemouth Leisure Centre

One of Bournemouth’s most historic buildings, Stokewood Leisure Centre, has received a low energy LED lighting update from Led-Zip Lighting.

The locally listed building is owned by Bournemouth Borough Council and run by social enterprise, BH Live. Continue reading

The Cost of Water Inefficiency

By Jason Light  (PIEMA)
Strategy Lead – Environment at Eastleigh Borough Council, Hampshire

I have been working with Southern Water on water efficiency projects for years, from partnering up on University research projects, subsidizing 1,700 water butts for residents and providing offers to residents.

imageOver the last year Southern Water has been running an innovative scheme to provide free home/business visits and measures to certain customers to help reduce their consumption. Southern Water are looking to offer the scheme to thousands of Households and small businesses across their area over the next few years. Having promoted the scheme to our residents, it suddenly dawned on me a few weeks back that I hadn’t taken them up on the offer myself. The following is a summary of my experience this week. Continue reading

WWF The Planets Early Warning System

The WWF launched in 1960 and became an early warning system on what was happening with our planet. Here they bring experts and scientists together to tell us we are now at the point we have never been in before.  PLEASE TAKE TIME to watch this video – it makes it simpler to understand what needs to be done.

Bournemouth Offices

Energy and Glare Reducing Window Technolog

The problem faced by staff working in Steele Raymond’s office building at Richmond Hill in Bournemouth was a build-up of heat and glare caused by the large amount of solar light let in through the windows.   Continue reading