Commercial Electric Vehicle Socket Scheme

Wessex Eco Energy of Poundbury, Dorset share update via their blog….

Daniel and Martin from Wessex ECOEnergy
Daniel and Martin from Wessex ECOEnergy

There is some good news for the continued growth of electric vehicles and electric vehicle charge points. From November 21st, businesses are to be offered £300 per installation of an electric vehicle (EV) charging socket across their sites under a new scheme.
A £7.5 million fund is to be made available to workplaces for the provision of installing chargers for use by staff and fleet vehicles equivalent to 25,000 new installations.


New Rapid Electric Vehicles Chargers across Dorset
New Rapid Electric Vehicles Chargers across Dorset

It will operate as a voucher scheme, with applicants supplying details of where the installations will take place, declaration of the current need for charging or intent to encourage uptake of eligible EVs and conditions for use of the charge point.


Interested parties will be able to apply for the scheme from 21 November and businesses will have four months from the date of issue to complete the installations. Accredited installers will cover the cost and claim the grant back from OLEV after supplying proof of completion.
If the installation cannot be completed within the four-month period as specified on the voucher the applicant will need to withdraw and reapply for a new voucher. Installations completed before a voucher has been issued will not be eligible
The voucher can be used for up to 20 charge points for each application, regardless of the number of sites, providing the applicant has dedicated off street parking for staff or fleet use only. Visitors to the business are not to use the charge points however it is unclear how this will be enforced.
Applicants must maintain the charge point for a minimum of three years and ensure measures are in place to provide usage data to OLEV, which will use the data for future policy development. The £7.5 million funding is currently confirmed until the end of the 2017/18 financial year, with OLEV planning to monitor the scheme and keeping funding under review when future budgets are agreed.
A typical cost, depending on the installation, will be between £1-2,000 so £300 off that is worth having and will stimulate the market.
OLEV has yet to publish a list approved installers or charge points under the scheme, but a spokesperson said this would be in place by 21 November. 01305 250429