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Recycling Initiatives


Matching unwanted items with Charities who turn those items into much needed cash. Their initiatives include anything from old corks and keys, to biscuit wrappers to cleaning bottles – their ‘We Need That’ directory is widely used in homes and businesses. And in businesses as team bonding

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Wildlife Trust

The Wildlife Trust’s goal is nature’s recovery on land and at sea.  But what I didn’t now until recently is that they do a lot of work with businesses. They particularly recognise that when businesses make the effort to care about their environment it can have a positive impact on their bottom line.

The Wildlife Trust recognise how important nature is in all aspects of our daily lives and believe it should be at the heart of our society. To achieve this they stand up and work for nature on all fronts.  They rescue and restore places for wildlife and people, and influence and help others to do the same. Each year they literally reach millions of people to inspire them about wildlife and the natural world.

Outdoor Working

Super Natured