img_1337Staff Engagement Support

Engaging your staff is one of the single most important elements when it comes to a successful environmental management strategy. It is not enough to simply assume they either understand what you are trying to achieve, or even buy into it.
Your staff are there for one reason, and that is to do their job. The fact that you are asking them to turn off lights, power down equipment, separate waste, or only print when necessary only adds to their responsibilities.

Further still, there can be those who nurture negativity, asking whats in it for them if they participate in what is more often than not going to result in large cost savings for your organisation.

So, how do you ensure a potential for negativity is a positive?

Involving your team and your complete workforce is by far the best way forward.

The Southern Sustainability Partnership (TSSP) organise staff engagement days exactly for this purpose, bringing the message to your staff in a positive way, even providing some lighthearted ways to get the right message across.

We help them understand the many benefits of working for a responsible organisation. One that cares about protecting its financial future and therefore the security of their jobs. A company that understands what the customer of tomorrow wants from a supplier and ensures they stay ahead of those demands. And a company who is in control of the environmental impact of its actions.

In short, we return the efforts you have made and increase them ten-fold.

How? The rewards of staff engagement are tangible. The energy and waste management side alone will reap incredible savings and when everyone is on board it is proven to have the snowball effect.

imageWhy? Because once you begin thinking about how things can be improved, more ideas and even better results become an obvious outcome.

By engaging with, and sharing the results you achieve a culture that cares about maintaining and even improving the way your organisation runs.

A more efficient and cost-effective organisation is one that will stand the test of time, ride the storm better in bad times and in doing so attract and retain the best staff.

TSSP will also offer guidance on how to maximise on this success with the customer and potential customer. The organisation also bring you The Big Green Event – B2B Energy, waste and environmental management Expo.

For more information please contact Anita Potten on 01202 971186 or email